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Johnnie Ray

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     Johnnie Ray was an American singer, songwriter, and pianist in the early 50's. He was born on January 10, 1927. During his childhood, Ray was attracted to early rhythm singers. This interest lead him to Bernie Lang, who was a song plugger. Bernie Lang liked Ray's style and then brought him to Danny Kessler who was the "Mr. Big" of record producing. At first Kessler didn't think Ray could land a record deal, but after some persuasion from friends he hired Ray. His first records didn't get him on the map all that much. It wasn't until 1952 when Ray came out with his top selling albums "Cry"[1] and "The Little White Cloud That Cried."[2] They were a hit[3] and sold over two million copies. Afterwards, Ray became an idol. Ray also became known for his emotional performances. During these he would beat up his piano or just start crying hysterically. Because of this he was named "Mr. Emotional." Ray's career stretched on to the the late 50's. Despite his start in the U.S., Ray's fanbase stretched to the U.K. While his career was dying down in America, he started performing more in the U.K. His career officially died down in the 60's. His friends tried to get him on the stage more, but despite his efforts people just didn't care about Mr. Emotional anymore. He died on February 24, 1990.




     Ray was significant during the 50's and mid 60's because he was a teen idol. He was like the Lady Gaga and Eminem of today. People looked up to Ray as a role model and idol. His word was the word. Also, he veered off from his R&B style and brought in a more jazzy and rock and roll style. This introduced a whole new style to sing and perform. If Ray was emotional during a performance, people would try that during theirs.He was probably the most popular singer at that time which is why he was so significant in the song.


Johnnie Ray


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