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Gambal Abdel Nasser was born on January 15, 1918 in Alexandria, Egypt, he was a son of a postman[1]. In Nasser's early career he entered in the Royal Military academy.  He graduated in 1938 and during his time in the academy made friendships with other officers.  The officers were tired of the British occupation of Egypt so they made the group called the Free Officers.  They plotted to rid Egypt of the King and the British.  The disastrous campain of 1948 against Israel helped theircause.  On July 23, 1952 the Free Officers started their plot against the British and the King.  The plot was a success and they ousted the British and the King.  When the Free Officers took control of the government they claimed a new Republic and General Muhammad Naguib was the President of the new Republic of Egypt.  In 1954 Nasser took over as president.  After Egypt was at war again with Israel in 1967, after Egypt lost the Sinai Peninsula Nasser tried to resign but was not allowed.  On September 28th, 1970 he died of a heart attack.[2] 


Nasser was of great significance to the Middle East and Egypt.  Egypt because he and the Free Officers ousted the British along with the King.  Also because he helped make the Free Officers which kicked out the British and the King.  Also he also made his reputation of being a great leader because of their conflicts with Israel.  Still to this day the Arab countries of Syria, Egypt and the rest of the Middle East have had conflicts with Israel.  Like the Wars between the Arabs and Israelis in 1967, 1956 and 1948 that Nasser ordered as President.  In the War of 1967[3] Egypt made the first attack on Israel and later in the war in 1968 Syria and Egypt made an alliance called the UAR or the United Arab Republic.  After the alliance was made Egypt was urging Syria to attack Israel from the north as Egypt was already attacking from the south.  The first war, 1948 was because Arabs didn't want their land given to other people and when it did happen (Israel) they weren't very happy. So war became normal for the Middle East.  So theres one thing that is left from President Nasser that still keeps going in his legacy, war in the Middle East. 





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