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California Baseball

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    California baseball was a major landmark in major league baseball. California baseball was when the Brooklyn dodgers[1] change to the Los Angeles Dodgers. Many still don't now the answer to why they moved. One of the opinions is that Walter O'Malley[2] the succesful real estate buisness man at the time may Of played a part in their move. For ten straight years Walter O' Malley had tried to make a new stadium for the brooklyn dodgers. With this hope in mind he was trying to build the stadium he had the land but the rest was not going his way. so he decided to expand west. and formed the LA Dodgers[3].Many of the brooklyn dodgers fans at the time were up set but others thank him for making a even larger expansion to baseball making the sport more known. Now We all understand its importance and every year we hold a world wide event all about baseball. The next step is to put it in the summer olympics.[4]


 Some of who were brooklyn dodgers wonder to this day, what have we benefited from this change.To answer your question the main benefit from this is to expand and make baseball more known. The original  Idea was to move the Twins location to minnesota which later occurred in 1961. So a man who goes by moses gave a Walter O'Malley the idea to expand. Which He accepted got in touch with LA and the gave him the opportunity that NYC refused to give which was that he could buy the land for a ligitement price and build off of it. Now the organization is a wining team that walter O'Malley and friends helped to form.


Walter O'Malley


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