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 Payola is the act of paying cash or a giving gifts for radio airplay in order to promote a specific band. [1] Through the 1930's to present day, payola is still happening. It was made illegal in 1960 by President Eisenhower. Most people believe that Eisenhower made this law to leave office on a high note because that year was an election year. Many DJ's have participated in payola but the most famous incident with payola is with the DJ Alan Freed.[2]  He was also called Mr."Rock 'N' Roll". He made over $10,000 from payola. Alan went to jail in 1962 after he was found guilty. This ruined his career. In 1965 Alan was in the hospital and later died because of uraemia and cirrhosis of the liver [3] which was caused by excessive drinking. Before that, Alan was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Many other disk jockeys have been caught participating in the act of payola. Some of thier names are Tom Clay, Murray Kaufman, and Stan Richards. Overall, DJ's have participated in payola for more than 40 years and may still be participating in it now.                                                                                                                                                                Payola     















      This law is tremendously important because it tries to prevent people from paying money or gifts to DJ's in order to publicize  bands. If more money or better agents would get an upper hand because they would pay their way up to the big show. When Eisenhower made this law he made it fair to all of the bands because he made it so bands would not cheat. Overall, this is a great law. Radio stations only benefit from this if they do not get caught.  It is possible that DJs who participate in payola will give some of thier money to thier radio station. So, that is the reason why some raenjoy that their DJs practice this criminal effence .[6] Many times payola has led to deaths by numerous ways. Some incidents involved the mafia.This crime has gotten better over the years but it is still not perfect. Many citizens still do participate in payola. It looks like people will always commit payola but in the near future, with new technology, there will be a drop in the crimes committed about payola. So, if you ever hear about this or see payola happening please notify your local police authority.


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