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Sally Ride

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     During the 1960s and early 70s, many people didn't think that women would ever go up into space.  However, in June of 1983, Sally Ride became the first, and youngest woman to travel in space at the age of 32.  Sally Ride was born on May 26, 1951 in Los Angeles, California[1].  in her early years she enjoyed playing many sports including tennis, baseball, and football[2].  She received a bachelor's degree in physics and English literature in 1973.  She also received her PhD degree in 1978[3].  On June 18, 1983 the Challenger took off and entered weightlessness.  Sally Ride, a crew member on the Challenger, spent 147 hours on her first flight in space.  She had one more flight in space, and accumulated 343 hours in space overall[4].  Ride had been chosen for a third flight. However, training was ended early in January 1986, when the space shuttle exploded after take off[5].  After the incident, Ride was appointed to the presidential commission which was made to investigate the accident[6].  Ride resigned from the astronaut program in 1987[7].



     Sally Ride broke the glass cieling for women in the space program.  As you now know, she was the first women to fly in space on June 18, 1983.  Ride wanted to give children a new thought of a scientist.  She would preach to kids in schools she visited that scientists aren't old people in white lab coats with crazy hair[8].  She wanted to give them a thought that scientists are people who are exploring the world and taking risks.  And she did.  She took a huge risk by going into space and collecting data.  Also, she took a risk by becoming the first women in space.  A lot of people probably didn't approve of a women going into space at that time.  But Ride knew that somebody had to be the first, and she jumped at the opportunity with hard work and determination.  She is a role model for many young women today.




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Comments (3)

crack said

at 4:44 pm on Sep 23, 2010

This women is very significant. some thing i found interesting was that she was the first women to go up into space.

Nixon Back said

at 7:51 pm on Sep 23, 2010

wow. this aritcle was really well writen. I did not know that she was the first woman to go to space! That must have been really exciting for her!

DeGaulle said

at 9:18 pm on Sep 23, 2010

Great article!! She must have been so inspiring to others, having been the first female to go into space. If I were a child she preached to, I would have been greatly inspired by her. How did people react to seeing a female going into space?

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