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After the Holocaust Jewish immigration was limited by the British because of the Nazis killing 6 million European Jews.  the Jews asked the British if they can come, the British said yes, 1947, the UN General Assembly agreed to divide Palestine into 2 states, the Arab state, and the Jewish state.  The Jews of Palestine accepted, but the Arabs did not.  The Arabs were not happy to share there land that they've had for so long.  Fighting started immediately. Then Placed Jerusalem under international control.  Border clashes happened frequently in the early 1950's between Arab and Israel troops. Full-Scale fighting wars broke out again two more times, in 1956 and 1967.  About a million Palestinian Arab under Israeli rule, in the war in 1967.


the fighting between the Arabs and the Jews, has been going on since 1947.  They both believe they should own the land, but they will not share with each other.  For example, in 1967 there was a war that brought about a million Arabs under the ruling of the Israeli's.  Egypt and Syria started war against Israel in 1973.  fighting is still going on today, like when Israel began air attacks in the Gaza Strip in 2008.  or When Israel sent troops to the Gaza strip in 2009.[1]







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