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South Korea

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South Korea

One of the major causes of the war is that the government split and North Korea stayed communist while South Korea Became a democracy. The major start of the war however was when North Korea invade South Korea in because they wanted communism to prevail in North Korea. This war was considered one of the bloodiest wars in the history of the United States because it was just constant fighting. The environment was cold and it would go down to negative 60 . Before and during this war south korea was one of the poorest countries in the world. About 1,000,000 South Korean civilians were killed and evan more made homeless. Wen the peace talks first started there was a major issue over weather prisoners should be let free and the communist North said no.That ended peace talks until they  they came to an agreement at Panmunjom and the POWs were set free and the put up the De-militarize zone on the 46th parallel.



This is a historical event because well it made history as such a bloody war with so many deaths and because it caused america to change some war strategies. This war is also historical because it is the first war in which a national organization [United Nations] http;//.un.org/ which had only been in place for five years at the time.

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