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Russians in Afghanistan

Page history last edited by russian 13 years, 9 months ago

     Russians in Afghanistan is based on the Afghanistan War in the year 1979[1]. The Russian troopers were there because they were told to stop comunist interests from growing inside of the country. This involved around 30,000 Soviet troops, and grew to around 100,000 troops. The Soviet troops controlled urban areas. The real reason for them to be placed there was that they were fighting to stop Aghanistan's Marxist People's Demorcratic Party of Afghanistan (PDPA) Government. In 1978, Afghanistan's centrist Government, headed by President, Mohammad David Khan. Before any of this had started, the Soviet Union and Afghanistan were ironicly close. Yes, I'm serious! Prime minister, Daod, was close to the Soviet Union. All this had lead to the equipping of Afghan military Advisors, along with Soviet weapons, including large numbers of Soviet military advisors, Afghanistan. Afghanistan and Russia even allowed the training of Afghani troops in the Soviet Union. Also during this time period, the U.S. and the USSR were involved in the Cold War. 


     This event is an important event to our history. The September attacks on September 11. 2001, sort of feed of of this war. Now, there is another war in that general area. No one knows when this'll all end, but in the time being, we just follow along with the news for updates. The USA and Russia aren't cold enemies anymore. But it would have helped to stop Afghanistan if we weren't involved in the Cold War. Russia and the USA may have learned a good lesson somehow. It all just doesn't make sence. Iran, Afghanistan and some bordering countries are Muslim. They think they're better. They hate every other religion there is. Maybe it isn't entirley that way, but that's how it is. 



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