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South Pacific

Page history last edited by South Pacific 12 years, 4 months ago

     South Pacific happens to be a brodway play in 1949. It had 1,925 preformances, and toured throughout the

United States for five years. In 1950, it won a Pultzer Prize for drama.[1] It was written by Richard Rodgers, and

Oscar Hammerstein. The story line is a romance between a Navy nurse, Nellie, who was played as Carmen Cusack, 

and a French planter, Emile de Becque, who was played as Rod Gilfry. The secondary plot is a tragic love affair between

a U.S. Navy officer, Lt. Jospeh Cable, played as Anderson Davis, and a Tokinese island girl, played as Keala Settle.[2] 

This plot came from two short stories by author James Michener. South Pacific was made into a movie in 1958.


     This play signifies an important culturally and historic event because it delt with racial prejduice.[3]

 This rarley occured in American musical-comedies. It is a very serious theme, espically at the time. It was also a

good reminder of what a pleasantsensation it is rather than to be optomistic. It was culturally important because

 it had a lot of good music that gained it's international acclaim. It included hit songs like, "Bloddy Mary",

"Theres Nothing Like A Dame", "Bali Ha'i", "I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Out of My Hair", "Some Enchanted Evening",

"Younger Than Springtime", and "This Nearly Was Mine." This play was a very successfull one, and will be forever remembered

as one of the best American brodway plays.


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Comments (2)

KingandI said

at 10:21 pm on Sep 23, 2010

1,925 performances is just crazy. that must have been a great play to be turned into a movie. i liked how it was based off a book.

Marilyn Monroe said

at 7:42 am on Sep 24, 2010

I found it intersting when i read the song "Bloody Mary" i thought of King Henry the 8ths wife. And i agree 1,925 is a lot of performances.

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